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Posted by Snaily on Sep 25, 10 1:08 pm · History

OMG! That was absolutely the FUNNIEST thing I've heard in a LONG time!the way you said what you said is cracking me up:DDD You know, Idk WHO the girl is but the image is pretty famous in it's own way, I think-in a kind of underground way. You see the girl here and there but nobody really pays attention until you see it again and think "I know I've seen that girl before but where?" I just Googled 'smoking from bong' and this girl came up. I needed pics for another project I was working on and her picture was so...weird. The red bong, the striped underwear, the Linkin Park poster in the background. Idk. But now you've really given me an idea to maybe just go ahead and make an icon out of it. 'The girl with the red bong'. It's too funny! Do you think they would reject that here due to the subject matter? O_O

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 23, 10 12:10 pm · History

hey. im not sure how this blog frtiend acceptance thing works but i'd like you to be a reader so let me know

Posted by ChaiGirl on Aug 2, 10 6:07 am · History

Hey girl! Thanks so much for the friendship! xo

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 28, 10 5:09 pm · History

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Posted by jcsotita on Jul 15, 10 11:01 pm · History

do you know how to make a web template

Posted by lilfatcuty on Jun 8, 10 3:41 pm · History

Anytime! ;)

Hahahah oh don't feel that way. When I first put the layout up I was like "...where's the comment box?" and I was staring right at it >.< I would so fix it but I don't know how to code to save my life so I'll just leave it that way for now haha

Posted by manny-the-dino on May 20, 10 12:12 am · History

Aw,you're very welcome ^ ^

Posted by Snaily on Mar 18, 10 11:06 pm · History

Thanks, your awesome :]

Posted by BiennChulaaxO on Mar 3, 10 5:37 pm · History

roleplay and i was trying to edit a picture for me to use and it turned out like this m/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewIma ge&friendID=511595388&albumID= 698948&imageID=6056696 and it doesnt look good and im using gimp :[

Posted by brokenbeatbeauty on Jan 19, 10 7:25 am · History

:) It was a really awesome tutorial ... thanks for posting! I finally sat down with it for awhile and was able to get the gist of it. Very nice :)

Posted by RipVonBuddha on Jan 15, 10 11:12 pm · History

you're really pretty. xo.

Posted by sailingships on Dec 6, 09 5:48 pm · History

YES! that would be sooo cool lol

Posted by Alexis-Blah on Oct 27, 09 10:46 am · History

Thanks! haha well I was born in Las Vegas...the hottest place ever and i hate the heat >.<
I can't stand it..i feel like i'm going to roast like a fred chicken O.O
I'm sooo used to the cold weather...maybe i should live in finland...that be cool XD

Posted by Alexis-Blah on Oct 20, 09 2:01 pm · History

wow you might think i'm weird but i LOVE the winter haha
i live here in oregon and here it rains alot so it's mostly cold here the only time its hot here is in summer
the reason why i like the winter is maybe cuz i was born during winter...i'll be turning 21 on december 1 YAY!

Posted by Alexis-Blah on Oct 20, 09 10:55 am · History

I'm good ^>^
thanks for asking
so is finland very cold over there?

Posted by Alexis-Blah on Oct 19, 09 12:38 pm · History

thanks for adding me as a friend :)
how r u?

Posted by Alexis-Blah on Oct 19, 09 10:53 am · History

You're Welcome :D!

~take care~

Posted by Snaily on Oct 18, 09 9:34 pm · History

thanks for the layout comment ^^

Posted by bunnie9 on Sep 23, 09 10:26 am · History

for the life of me i can't remember what i said. amen to what? :D

Posted by turnupthevolume on Aug 16, 09 3:01 pm · History

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